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Overview of Animating ShadersEdit

Animation is more than just moving objects about the scene's 3D space. Animation also includes changing how objects appear in the scene. You can manipulate object shaders in Carrara using a number of different techniques.

  1. You can load a video file (.AVI) as a texture map into any of the shader channels. Carrara will use the associated frame in the video file in the same sequence as the animation sequence. A simple example of this technique is mapping a movie file onto a flat surface, and rendering it. The effect is like watching the movie right in your animation sequence!
  2. You can use the sequencer timeline to change any of your objects' shader settings so that they transform from one shader setting to another over time.

Tips and Techniques for Shader AnimationEdit

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More on How to Animate Your Object ShadersEdit

Daz3D Documentation Support

Carrara 7 User's Guide - pp. xx - xx.

Carrara 8 User's Guide - pp. xx - xx.

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