So you've decided to purchase Carrara. Congratulations! Now, let's get down to setting up your computer so you can start making awesome professional-looking images and videos!

Purchasing and Downloading CarraraEdit

Follow the following link to purchase Carrara: here.

Once you have purchased the software, go to the download page from your account and download the files associated with the application. The following is a list of the files you should download.

Installing CarraraEdit

After downloading the Carrara files, do a check to make sure you have the following files downloaded before you begin installing.

Refer to the following DAZ3D website page for basic information about installing V8.1 here.

<Step-by-step guide on installing Carrara, showing the order of installation. Carrara's website is out of date, and does not describe steps for V8.5.>

Setting Carrara PreferencesEdit

Many Carrara owners suggest that one of the first things you may want to do is set up Carrara preferences. Unfortunately, until you actually work with Carrara some to understand what the default preferences are, you may not know what to set them to. At some point, however, when you have become accustomed to the layout of the application, you may want to tweak the preferences so that it fits your unique style and interests.

Keyboard ShortcutsEdit

Carrara makes it easy to setup shortcuts to many of the common features.

Checking for UpdatesEdit

The most current versions of Carrara are currently ...

If you need to update your version, ...

Managing and Accessing Carrara FilesEdit

Content ManagementEdit

Adding and Removing ContentEdit

Tips and Techniques for Creating ScenesEdit

Tips on Purchasing Carrara Before purchasing Carrara, you should check prices for Carrara as a Daz3D Platinum member. You may find that the discounted price for Platinum membership will more than pay for the membership, and you get the added benefit of special discount prices for other Daz3D products!

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More on How to Create ScenesEdit

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