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Overview of Object ModifiersEdit

Modifiers provide an easy way to manipulate objects and groups of objects that otherwise would require extensive modeling operations. 

You can modify objects in the following ways.

  • Bend and Twist - This modifier bends and/or twists the surface of an object or group of objects.
  • Bulge - This modifier bulges or compresses the middle of an object.
  • Explode - This modifier causes the object to explode.
  • Formula - This modifier allows you to use mathematical equations to modify the shape of an object or group.
  • Punch - This modifier applies a dent or bulge in one of the object's sides.
  • Stretch - This modifier stretches or squashes an object along a specified axis.
  • Basic Deformations - These modifiers allow you to perform a number of deformations to an object - offset, rotate, scale, shatter, and taper.
  • Complex Deformations - These modifiers perform more complex deformations to objects - atomize, black hole, dissolve, spherical morph, spike, and warp.
  • Behaviors - These modifiers are applied during animation and instruct an object or group to behave in a specific way - bounce, spin, shake, point at, and track.
  • Waves - These modifiers allow you to apply waves to the surface of an object - circular wave, linear wave, and wave.
  • Smart Pack - These modifiers perform several "other" deformations to an object - morpher and noise deformer.

Go to the associated wiki page on these modifiers for further details.

Tips and Techniques on Object ModifiersEdit

Combining ModifiersEdit

You can combine these modifiers in strange and interesting ways to create even more variation. <more> <Post ideas related to xxx>

Animating Modifiers Edit

Further, modifiers can be used in animations. For example, you can dissolve or explode an object easily during animation using modifiers, or use the morpher to transform one object into another.

More on How to Use Object ModifiersEdit

Daz3D Documentation Support

Carrara 7 User's Guide - pp. 386- 413.

Carrara 8 User's Guide - pp. xx - xx.

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