Carrara is a general purpose 3D figure posing, modeling, landscape design, rigid and soft-body dynamics, animation and rendering application.

About Daz3DEdit

<Description and history of the company.>

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Intro to DAZ 3D - 3D Software, 3D Models and 3D Content

Intro to DAZ 3D - 3D Software, 3D Models and 3D Content

Introduction to Daz 3D

Carrara Versions and FeaturesEdit

List and comparison of features for Versions 6, 7, and 8 for both basic and pro.

For a list of Carrara 8 standard and pro requirements and features, visit the following link: LINK .

Carrara Version Feature Comparison
Feature 6.0 Pro 7.0 Pro 8.1 Base 8.1 Pro 8.5 Pro

The Future of Carrara Edit

Upcoming releases and activities.

Expanding Carrara's Features - Plug-ins and Add-onsEdit

Describes how to expand Carrara's features, list of known plug-ins, and links to where to get them.

Click on the following link for a list of plug-ins available for Carrara: LINK

Other Products That Support Carrara Edit

Describes how Carrara relates to DAZ Studio, Hexagon, and Bryce.