Quick Tutorial: How to Load an Existing Scene into CarraraEdit

Carrara comes with a number of already established scenes and backgrounds that you can use when creating a new scene.

Of course you don't have to load any of these if you don't want. Carrara gives you complete access to all of the settings that produce these predefined scenes, so you can build your scene background from scratch.

There are several ways you can load an existing predefined scene to start with.Edit

Method 1: Scene Quick StartEdit

After starting Carrara, select the "Scenes" tab at the bottom of the Carrara window. To load any of the existing scenes, click on the scene category (column list on the left), pick one of the icons that appear, and double click on the icon. Here are three example categories of scenes you can start with.

Scene Setup 1

Predefined Skies

Scene Setup 2

Predefined "Space"

Scene Setup 3

Predefined Animations

This produces the same results as by going to drop down menu: File -> New, which brings up the "New Document" window.

New Document Window

"New Document" window

Clicking on "Presets..." will bring up the Scene Wizard window. This window allows you to select any of the scenes shown in the "Scenes" tab, in addition to a "User Scenes" category.

Go to the the Scene Wizard window wiki page for more details on this window.

Method 2: Adjusting Landscapes Before LoadingEdit

There are occasions you may want to adjust the predefined landscape scenes before loading them. You can do this by going to drop down menu: File -> New, which brings up the "New Document" window (as above). Select the "Landscape Wizard..." button, which will bring up the Landscape Creation Wizard window.

Landscape Creation Wizard window

"Landscape Creation Wizard" window

Frome here, you can select different landscapes, shaders, skies, and illumination/shadow settings. Using the preview window at the top to view, select the settings you want for each tab. When you are done, click "OK."

For more information about this, go to the Landscape Creation Wizard window wiki page.

Note: Keep in mind that after loading a predefined scene, you can always edit any of the settings!