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Getting StartedEdit

The materials in this section assume you are already familiar with how to Set Up Your Scene. You may want to read through that wiki section first to familiarize yourself with basic scene setup. Most of the wiki pages in this section, however, will provide further links to that section as needed.

Animation SequencerEdit

Before you begin setting up your animation, you will want to first become familiar with the Animation Sequencer, which appears along the bottom of Carrara's assembly room. This is where you make your scenes come to life! Visit the Animation Sequencer wiki page for how to operate the sequencer.

Setting Up The Animation SequenceEdit

Many people get so excited about the idea of creating and animating characters and other objects, that they often overlook the important step of making sure their scene is set up properly to create the animation. This wiki page describes some of the essential things you should do before getting too deep into your character animations.

Animation setup involves using the Animation Sequencer to:

  • Specify animation details such as animation duration and number of frames per second (fps)
  • Select the scene's atmosphere, background, and other environmental effects for animation

Tips and Techniques for Setting Up Your AnimationEdit

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More on How to Animate Your ScenesEdit

Daz3D Documentation Support

Carrara 7 User's Guide - pp. xx - xx.

Carrara 8 User's Guide - pp. xx - xx.

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