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Scene SetupEdit

Properly setting up your scenes is a crucial step in the process of creating good renders. Of course, you don't have to start here, but creating a good backdrop for your characters and other objects will make your renders look more realistic, look proportional to the environment, and serve as undergirding for the experience you are attempting to communicate, be it mood, feeling, or information.

Scene setup includes:

Tips and Techniques for Scene SetupEdit

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More on How to Setup ScenesEdit

Daz3D Documentation SupportEdit

Carrara 7 User's Guide - pp. xx - xx.

Carrara 8 User's Guide - pp. xx - xx.

Video TutorialsEdit

Loading Preset Scenes:

Carrara 8 Tutorial - Loading a Preset Scene04:34

Carrara 8 Tutorial - Loading a Preset Scene

A short free tutorial on loading preset scenes from I F Skills

Text TutorialsEdit

Daz3D Forum MaterialsEdit

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Other References on Scene SetupEdit

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