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Overview on StoryboardingEdit

A storyboard allows you to quickly visualize the story layout and timing of your animation by providing thumbnail images of your animation at various points in time. A good analogy to a storyboard is a comic book, where each "frame" is part of the overall story. The storyboard room, then, provides you snapshots into your animation, so you can quickly check how the animation will proceed without having to render all of the frames.

Storyboards can also help you:

  • Quickly determine whether the camera angles and changes set during your storyline are what you expect them to be
  • Select lighting and other effects to increase dramatization
  • Deal with changes you make to your story/animation

Not all animations need to be storyboarded. If you are running a physics experiment, for example, you probably can get by without a storyboard. Storyboarding is most useful if you want to snag your audience and hold their interest, for example, to evoke an emotional reaction to your story.

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